Solar Energy Solution & Rain Water Harvesting In Government Building

Solar Energy Solution

Total Connected load of Green Building = 1100 kW

Install renewable energy systems 5% of total connected load of the building = 55 kW

5% power of total connected load of the building generated through renewable source of energy, however solar panels shall be installed at terrace. Generated energy is utilize for common area & External Lighting.

Solar Power (Renewable Energy)

Solar power system is a renewable energy system, converting the sunlight into electricity by using Photovoltaic Solar Panels. In Photovoltaic the light is converted into electricity by the use of photoelectric effect.

In the event of solar power failure, option to change over to power supply network shall be built into the electrical design.

Solar System

Solar System shall comprise of the following :

  • The Solar Module to convert sunlight into DC electricity.
  • The Battery unit where electricity is stored and then used to power Appliances.
  • The Regulator to control the amount of charge going into the Battery from the Solar Module and also to prevent the Battery from overcharging.
  • Inverter for conversion of DC Power from battery into utility grade single phase.

Rain Water Harvesting In Green Building

A rainwater harvesting system comprises components of various stages - transporting rainwater through pipes or drains, filtration, and storage in tanks for recharge. In Green Building Dehradun it is planned to recharge 120 cum. of water to recharge through 3 No. of RWH. Pits at strategic places of the building. The rain water from terrace is being transported through RCC pipes and being send to RAIN WATER RECHARCHING PITS through desalting chamber. Typical section for the same is as below.