Smart Water Meter

Water loss management is becoming increasingly important as water supply in cities is stressed by population growth and water scarcity in ground water and surface water sources. At consumers end, the consumption of water needs to be monitored with accuracy and integrity. Also, the consumers need to pay for the quantity of water which they actually consume. Therefore, accurate measurement of water consumption at domestic & non domestic water connections is the need of hour.

This project deals with Smart Water Metering of all 5,901 nos. domestic and non-domestic water connections in selected DMA (District Metered Area) in ABD area of Dehradun Smart City as a pilot project under Smart City Mission to start with. Smart Metering of water connections in other parts of the city can be replicated by the line department Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan later-on, on the same lines.

This technique offers the benefits of unprecedented functionalities for a mobile data collection system. Challenge is –

  • To reduce non-revenue water
  • To regulate consumption of water.
  • To enforce water discipline.
  • To implement volumetric tariff
  • To make consumers pay for what they actually consume.
  • To have Smart Billing.

Reading Under Submerged Condition

  • The IP 68 water meter can be submerged up to 3 meters.
  • The AMR water meter is installed in a pit which is flooded with water.
  • The water meter is easily readable in submerged conditions which are tough to be read in the manual or conventional method of meter reading.

Grouping Of Data

  • Grouping is done with the help of GPS positioning as well as the off field methods.
  • Field experience is utilized to optimize the grouping of meters.
  • HHU/ Android Device should also have the facility to create route, modify route on site & to arrange in desired sequence as per site conditions.