Smart Water Supply SCADA System

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) for quantitative and qualitative monitoring of water production from the existing 198 tube wells in the city and water distribution from 72 overhead tanks has been proposed. This will ensure automated control of proper quantity and quality of water being supplied to public. The data acquired shall also help Jal Sansthan to take remedial measures to improve water supply promptly as and where required.

Water Metering

Presently, All drinking water connection are unmetered. The consumers are being billed for consumption of water either on the basis of house tax assessment or minimum charges for different category and size of connections. It has been proposed to install smart meters on all 5403 non-domestic connections under Dehradun Smart City Plan.

These meters will have Automatic Meter Reading facility with remote meter reading device and generation of software based bill generation for actual quantity of water consume by each consumer. It is expected to regulate consumption of drinking water by bulk connections like hotels, institutions, business houses and other commercial users, shall inforce water discipline , make the consumer pay for what they consume and shall empower Jal Sansthan for software based automated water billing and revenue collection in Dehradun Smart City.