Model Road Project

About 10 Kms of the main city road in the ABD area is proposed to be developed as Smart Roads. These Roads would be provided with uniform carriage way, Footpaths for easy walking, Smart Parking facilities, Motion Activated Lighting etc. In these roads electricity, water supply, telecom and data cables would be provide underground for better living, Uninterrupted provision of services under better visual experience for road user.

Phase I

  • Haridwar Road (Prince Chowk – Araghar Chowk) – 1.5 Km.
  • EC Road (Araghar – Behl Chowk) – 2.9 Km.

Phase II

  • Rajpur Road (Clock Tower- Dilaram Chowk) – 1.8 Km.
  • Chakrata Road (Clock Tower - Kishanagar Chowk) – 1.9Km

Phase III

  • Gandhi Road – 1.9 Km.

Total road length – 10 Km