Sewerage Line Project

The selected area of the Smart City is the oldest and highly populated area of Dehradun. This area is mostly sewered, but the sewer lines laid in the ABD area are 40-50 years old and have out lived their useful life. Most of the sewer lines and manholes are in dilapidated condition, as confirmed by Jal Sansthan. These sewers get choked often and their sewage is diverted into nearby open drains and nalas at many places. As a result, during heavy rain storms, the sewage mixed with rain water over flows on roads and residential/ commercial areas creating unhygienic conditions and much hardship to the inhabitants of these areas.

In these circumstances, the sewerage reaches the Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) only partially and their full treatment capacity is underutilized. Also, substantial quantity of sewage percolates into the ground, polluting the ground water. Therefore, reorganization/ replacement of sewerage system of entire ABD area is urgently needed. Sewer network design has been done for the ABD area of Dehradun Smart City with connectivity up to existing outfalls of STPs  and project for sewer lines has been proposed accordingly.