Junction Improvement

Junction Improvement Project in ABD area is a part of the ambitious Smart City Mission. A number (22 nos) of junctions in the ABD area have been identified to improve the traffic and transportation management of the city. Presently, these junctions witness considerable traffic demand which results in long queues and traffic jams, especially during peak hours. These areas are also plagued by on-street parking and reducing space for clear movement.

Intersection improvement of these junctions is intended to accommodate an infrastructure which will ensure a safe and reserved right of way for pedestrians as well cyclists, and space for accommodating infrastructure (which supports context relevant activities currently observed on the street) such as pedestrian, vending and landscaping space, along with spaces for parking, bus stops, etc. The junction improvement needs to meet local objectives of reducing traffic queues during peak hour along with reducing delays and improving safety for non-motorized modes. These requirements can be met by Modern Roundabout development at these intersections.

The selected approach offers solutions based on segregating slow moving traffic as well other activities from motorist right of way at the junction. This involves appropriate geometric design of the junction and the public domain around it. Additionally, the design is based on the current (traffic) demand and existing constraint.