Electric Buses

Electric Buses - 30 Buses

Operation 30 electric buses in Dehradun is planned in the project, Of these 22 will operate in the main city roads and 8 smaller buses of about twenty five seats capacity will operate on the airport to the city. City buses would have a frequency of 15 mins and Airport service 30 mins.

(including charging Stations, workshop and other related infrastructure)


  • Existing Public Transport System weak and caters to less than 20% of the trips in the city
  • Ideally needs to increase to 70% given pollution and road congestion – immediate target of 50% by 2020.
  • Need to increase coverage by providing a viable, convenient and reliable Public Transport
  • Air conditioned Electric bus technology suited to reduce pollution and is the FUTURE.
  • Can be operated in Gross Cost Contract Model as in other Smart City Projects in the country

Progress: Feasibility Report prepared, DPR being Prepared